This is us

The idea of creating our own line of cycle clothing came from the fact that we are women and we wanted to unleash our whimsical creativity!

When we designed our very first cycle top, we saw that our guests appreciated the fact that, by wearing it, they were part of a community, a family. Wearing the Belvedere Bike hotel colours allowed them to be recognized and they knew that they were a part of something great. Now our cycle clothing is riding around all over the world and we often get emails from guests who have met and got to know other guests simply because they recognized the outfits that they were wearing.

Our guests become our ambassadors.We have always tried to be different and never conventional…the Belvedere designs express the way we are.


Are you a positive, happy and lighthearted person? Are you enterprising? Do you love being in contact with people?

Write to us and we will get in touch!

Belvedere team

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do”

The Belvedere Team is a perfect example of this. Every single member inspires, and is inspired by, others. This is our secret.


I started running the Belvedere almost for fun, at just nineteen years of age. The Belvedere and I grew up together. I changed it and it changed me.

Romeo, Marina's husband, is tireless and always present in everyday life of the hotel. Alongside Marina, he manages and loves the Belvedere, their second home!

Our native English speaker (and teacher of all of us) who will take care of your reservations in order to organize and get the best out of your holiday.

Our mother tongue American, who you will meet both at the Belvedere and around the world on our ‘Belvedere missions’ to Granfondos,  trade fairs, and events, and will be able to show you the perfect ‘tailor-made’ holiday.

Will help you to organize your special events, experiences and excursions both in and out of the hotel and around Italy.

The face of the Belvedere Front Office that will welcome you upon arrival at the hotel, problem solver by nature and devoted to hospitality from an early age, she will be able to give you all the information about your holiday and help you with any wishes or needs you may have during your stay.

The graphics and designs of our clothing are created from Marina's ideas, then are transformed into realty by Giulia's graphic skills.
Chef Giancarlo

The expert hands of our Chef Giancarlo will lead you through the journey of healthy gourmet food. A chef who is there for you and ready to create dishes out of this world!

"A Martini, Max, shaken not stirred" Great classics for the cocktail list of our Barman Max but also new recipes to amaze and tickle your taste buds. Cheers!

Sleep is sacred, sleep is restorative and our Housekeeper Maryiana will take care of making you feel at home in our rooms, for your total relaxation. Do you want three pillows? She will take care of it.

Tradition and experience, between tagliatelle and stories of other times, as she rolls the rolling pin and teaches us the art of fresh pasta.

An attentive and precise bike mechanic. He will prepare the perfect De Rosa for you so that you can cycle on the roads safely and have fun throughout your cycling holiday.

He lives a few miles from here and knows the surrounding area well. He started cycling as a hobby and immediately realized how beautiful and relaxing it is. He loves taking a lot of pictures during the tour so you can have some great memories to take home with you.

With him you will experience the richness of a cultural tour, retracing history while visiting our castles, fortresses and towns. Bike tours for everyone, rich in history, anecdotes and local curiosities.

Denis was a frequent guest here at the Belvedere and when he retired we didn't think twice at recruiting him as our guide for the Leisure Tour or, how he likes to call it, the 'Fun, Culture and Coffee Tour'.

Peter first came as a guest in 2005 when he was living in Switzerland. He enjoyed the entire 'Belvedere experience' so much that he has continued to return as a guest many times after moving to Vancouver. In fact, he has become such a permanent fixture and part of the Belvedere family, we invited him to become a guide!

Piero, has been wearing the Belvedere uniform since 2014. Each morning, he arrives by bike from the hills of Pesaro and, together with Filippo, pushes down heavy on the pedals and leads our guests on the Road Tour.
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