Small historic shops in Santarcangelo

Reasons to come to Santarcangelo

Small historic shops in Santarcangelo

It is so nice to walk through the streets of the center, through the alleys of the village, to discover the small historic shops.

Craftsmanship is still alive today, not only as a tradition handed down from father to son but also as a business of young creatives.

Absolutely not to be missed is a visit to the ancient printing house, where the canvas is still ironed with a 17th-century Mangle and hand-printed with the classic rust color.

The entire medieval village is a sort of open-air museum where, while walking, attention is captured by the magnificent terraces, true masterpieces in wrought iron.

Skilled artisans, therefore, embellish this splendid town with their mastery.

The Stamperia Marchi

The Marchi Printworks

This shop was founded in 1633. Still now the “old mangle” is fully functional: it is an ancient press, unique in the world for weight and size, thanks to which the canvas is pressed, smoothed and stretched. In this workshop, aprons, tea towels, tablecloths, towels and everything else is still hand-printed.

The wide availability of antique stamps allows you to choose how to make your own garment: the fabric, the size, the design of the stamp and the color. In the shop there are more than 2000 ancient and modern clichés that contribute to enriching the heritage of craftsmanship. Every item of this shop requires loving care in its execution, marked over time. Each creation is one of a kind.

  • Pomegranate design tablecloth  
  • Small single breakfast set
  • Pomegranate design napkin   

Bottega 36 / Erbacea LAB

The shop located in Via Saffi 36 is one of the few historic artisan shops left in Santarcangelo di Romagna. Inserted in the context of the historic center of the town, it is situated where the Ticket Office of the Condominium Theater was once located (mid-19th century).

This family shop has changed its use many times, passing from the tinsmith’s workshop to that of the plumber, the cobbler, and again the tinsmith. Inside, in fact, the ancient tools for working metals or materials that were treated from time to time are still preserved. As a common denominator it has always maintained the aspect of craftsmanship.

Erbacea LAB is an artistic project of ceramics and botanical cyanotype that arises from the evolution of the La Bottega 36 laboratory.

La Bottega di Betti

Betti’s Workshop

La Bottega di Betti is an artisan workshop where skills and knowledge have been handed down for three generations. Maurizio Betti inherited the passion from his father and has become a highly specialized craftsman who has been present for years in the most important construction sites in Emilia-Romagna. In this place every idea takes shape via the hands. Furniture, stucco, decorations, creations for the garden and home, bird nests and aviaries, dog and cat kennels.

It is located in the historic heart of Santarcangelo di Romagna, in the center of a courtyard hidden from the eyes of passers-by.
The magic of the nests, kennels and decorations of the Bottega di Betti is best expressed in this space set up specifically to express Maurizio’s love for the garden, the house and pets.

Santarcangelo still preserves, hidden amongst the streets of the center, numerous historic shops, fascinating and timeless places that testify to the long tradition of craftsmanship. The route dedicated to the historic shops of Santarcangelo will take you on a journey through time to discover the shops, history, curiosities and specialties

A fascinating and exciting journey between present and past.

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